Collecting – For The Love Of Dogs.

I had always thought of myself as a cat person, having had three while growing up. But when I moved in with Mr M & we decided to get a pet, he put his foot down & refused to get a cat & said he wanted a Jack Russell.

I have to admit I had never been a huge fan of Jack Russell dogs & we did talk about getting either a Pug, King Charles Spaniel or a Dachshund but after some research decided that it was better to get a non pedigree cross.

We were told about a litter of Jack Russell/Yorkshire Terrier crosses through a friend & I went to see them – As soon as I set my eyes on a 4 week old Mabel, all thoughts of cats had disappeared & I was in love!

Mabel 4

Now this post is not all about Mabel but about how since getting a dog, I have started to collect dog themed items!

Some of you may remember my Jack Russell clock from an earlier post, Mr M brought him home as a joke but the joke was on him when I decided that I loved him & he was to stay.

Otis the Jack Russell clock.
Otis the Jack Russell clock.

Next up is the rather lovely 1950’s vintage tin for holding Spratt’s dog biscuits. It has “My Faithful Friend’s Own Biscuit Box” printed on it, with the Spratt’s logo on the top.

IMG_0619 IMG_0620

I think any of todays graphic designers would be proud of that design.

Mabel runs straight to her basket if you go near it!

I have thousands of vintage photographs, that are all catalogued & stored away but a lucky few make it on to the board in the kitchen.

He are 3 of my favourite…

Have you ever seen such a happy dog?
One man & his dog.
A much loved puppy.

My favourite is also my latest find. This vintage scarf featuring a large French Poodle bearing gifts & some stuffy little Jack Russell’s (with I think look rather like Mabel!) It’s not worth much, its nylon rather than silk & it even has a small hole but I had to keep it.


An usual glass trio, unfortunately one dog does have a broken leg.
Miniature lead figures
Miniature lead figures
Not quite sure what to say about these two!!

Lastly, is a strange little collection of dog knick knacks. This is quite usual for me as i’m not really a fan of trinkets.

A very happy Mabel in Crystal Palace Park
A very happy Mabel in Crystal Palace Par

I think I may have to keep an eye on this collection, as I have a feeling it could get out of hand!


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