Could This Be The Most un PC Book EVER?? Sex & Hypnosis L.T.Woodward M.D

I recently came across this paperback in a house clearance –


Thinking to myself this could be quite funny, I put it to once side to have a look at later.

Written & published by Monarch Book in the USA in the early 1960’s, I thought it might have some amusing “tips” but when I read the back cover I changed my mind about this “innocent” little paperback.

A young wife who had her baby painlessly, but fully conscious and with no aesthetic – Nothing wrong with this one, I’m sure women today probably still use hypnosis to help with childbirth.

A desperate, impotent man, now amazingly restored to his full sexual power – Again there may well be some benefit of hypnosis in this case.

I was not so sure about – A frigid and frustrated women who is now able to respond fully to her husband’s embraces.

But the one that really got my heckles up – A once practicing homosexual who is now happily married and the father of  family.

The chapter is all about a young man called Tom, who despises himself for being gay, most of the blame seems to fall at his father, who did not love him enough so Tom found love with other older men. Of course by the end of the chapter Tom is “cured” & now a married man with children!!

Thankfully today in the modern world most people are allowed to be whoever they wish to be & this is the way it should be. It so sad that some people are still being persecuted just because of the person they love.

Other non-PC books in this series include:

THE LESBIAN “What is a lesbian? Is she a criminal, a vile degenerate? Or is she the tragic heroine of a drama in which she is-at least subconsciously-an unwilling participant?

I have no words!!! I shall just end it there.





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