Our Printers Tray.

Mr M recently come across a vintage printers tray & thought it might look quite nice hanging on the wall in our hallway.

This was day 1 on the 2nd December 2016


Since then it has been a bit of mission to see who can find the best bits to fill it up!

As you can see, it has not taken us long to fill most of the compartments (although some will be upgraded when we feel something better comes along, its harsh but true)


Now for a closer look at some of my favourite find’s so far (found by both Mr M & me, I’m not that mean that I would only show you my finds!!)

Probably my absolute favourite in the tray –


He may have seen better days but I love him. x

Next up, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Vegas, I’m not a gambler at all so don’t know why but I will get there one day. So when I found this vintage souvenir of some “Lucky” Las Vegas dice I knew it was getting a place.


Some of you may have already seen this one on my Instagram page. It’s a 1930 matchbook from Lyons Tea House & I know I’m not called Sally but I am the salesgirl & I do sell in my shop!! So it was another keeper.


Bit of fun this one – Vintage Egg & Cress picnic sandwich marker (I have some other fillings too but I thought this one was the best)


Next up, two early plastic legs!!

One is a comb & the other is a paper knife & letter open from Motts Hosiery Comp. London E.C, which would have been given out as a promotional gift.


Then lastly, there is this………


If you think you know what it is please tell me???

It’s about 1cm tall & the “eyes” move in & out! I don’t have a clue.

I hope you like some of our miniature treasures. x


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