A Year of Windows.

One of my favourite parts of being a shopkeeper is designing the window displays & from the feedback I get from you lovely people, it seems you quite like them too!

I did my first window display nearly a year ago now (While I was still busy doing the painting & decorating behind the curtain!) so I thought I would do a quick recap of the year so far.

No. 1 – I loved that 60’s pink dress & jacket & the pastel coffee set.
No.2 – Just a small selection of our haberdashery supplies in this one.
No.3 – “A Women’s Work Is Never Done”!!
No.4 – My 1st official window display when the shop was finally opened. This included a hostess trolley full of alcohol & a 60’s record player – ready for our opening night party!!! Cheers x
No.5 – This red, white & blue display was a nod to the Queen’s 90th Birthday but mostly for the England rugby world cup rugby team!
No.6 – Sunshine & Tennis, it must be Wimbledon – Anyone for strawberries??
No.7 – Our 1950’s Mid Century Modern window – I had to keep that dress!!
No.8 – It’s “The Great Outdoors” this time, with The Girl Guides. Display including a bike, fishing rods, camping stove, picnic basket & of course some wine!!
No.9 – “We’re all going on a summer holiday” Beach window display at the shop to celebrate me going on my annual family trip to Newquay.
No.10 – Summer holidays are over & it’s time to go “Back To School”. Reckon the school master with his cane could strike fear into any small child!!
No.11 – We went all rustic with tins, crates & jars.
No.12 – Christmas 2016
Presents Galore. x
No. 13 – The “holidays are over” window display. You have had your fun, now back to the housework! Complete with vintage washing machine & fluffy slippers obviously!! x
No. 14 – Spring is in the air at Mabel’s. Lots of gardening tools, pots & equipment available in our courtyard to knock your garden into shape!
 “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”. Not really a shop window display but its the only place the whole shop that Mabel is happy, she really does not like the shop at all!!!

Well, I rather enjoyed looking back at all the windows & some of the stock that has been purchase by the fine people of SE26 & Se23 (& some slightly further afield, I know an Old Mother Hubbard kitchen cupboard went to its new home in Portsmouth & some stunning 1950’s fabric flew home to Oz to cover a bedroom chair!)

Here’s to loads more fun windows to come – I have already started planning them!! x

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